About Us

Consultants deliver ideas. We deliver results.

Our consulting business breaks the traditional consultant mold. Whether we are engaged as interim executives or turnaround consultants, we are action and results-oriented. Our track record is one full of examples of dramatic turnaround, programs in which the implemented concepts paid for themselves quickly and generated immediate revenue.

In both manufacturing and distribution businesses, we are adept at establishing sales and marketing strategies as well as product planning programs. Working with companies all across North America, our experience includes strategic programs to implement price increases as well as manage cost reduction and product redesign efforts to improve gross margins. Introduction of new products is a specialty, and conversely, so is product phase-out and divestiture. Another major strength is developing product designs and manufacturing systems that maximize product profitability and quality while simultaneously supporting high customer service levels with short lead-times and minimum inventories.

Lean Manufacturing and Demand Flow: These operational concepts are disciplines whose ancestry comes from the Toyota Production and Inventory Management Systems (JIT). Prior to the introduction of Lean Manufacturing as a formal system, we had already established the capability as an implementation leader of JIT in North America, especially in multi-plant environments. In fact, we are pioneers in these arenas, with our team having lead one of the first Just-in-Time/MRP/ERP hybrid implementations in the western U.S., almost a decade before this thinking become part of the mainstream.

Supply Chain Management: We integrate Lean and Demand Flow concepts with the entire Supply Chain Management process to maximize the benefits to the business. Part of this effort includes the establishment of ERP processes and disciplines that integrate the databases and operational information of the business. The benefits of these fully integrated processes is the ability to create high levels of customer service while dramatically reducing the costs of the supply chain process, including manufacturing, as well as exponentially increasing inventory turns. Few consultants have our capabilities to so quickly develop strategies and simultaneously implement major improvements in all these operational areas.

Areas of expertise: P&L management, operational turnaround management in manufacturing, distribution and service industries, financial and operational restructuring, quality systems, planning systems, Activity Based Costing, strategic and business planning, product design, and sales and marketing development.

Technical skills: Include extensive hands-on experience in metals processing and fabrication, foundry operations, machining and polishing processes, wood products manufacturing,  composites and plastics manufacturing, electronics, and numerous manual, robotics, and automated processing and assembly systems in a variety of different industries.

Team Oriented: On a personal interaction level, our clients appreciate our ability to work effectively with all levels of the organization. This enables the team to identify strategic and operational problems and then implement practical solutions quickly. Our proven background in growing sales and improving the bottom line through process reengineering and innovative problem solving is second to none. Our staff is a group of self-directed, action-oriented individuals who create teamwork, accountability, and closure in every assignment. We’re results-driven strategists and change agents, adept at creating vision and operational plans, thinking outside the box, and motivating people. Using strong business acumen with excellent communication, cost management, entrepreneurial, organizational and interpersonal skills, we consistently deliver measurable, bottom-line results.

Professional Management Experience: Our specialists have held professional positions in business leadership that included finance, engineering, production and materials management and included titles such as VP of Operations, General Manager, Director of Materials, COO, President, CEO and CFO, all positions of leadership in a variety of companies serving a broad range of industries that included both manufacturing and service-related businesses.