Get the help your business needs to avoid or survive bankruptcy.

Sometimes, businesses find themselves fighting for their lives. Either they’re struggling to avoid bankruptcy or worse yet, trying to save the business during this process. During these tough times, businesses need a restructuring partner to help them make the right decisions in restructuring the business operations as well as in negotiating with lenders and suppliers. These businesses need a partner that has the future interests of the business in mind as it restructures the operational and debt structure of the business, creating a new framework to position the operation to get back on the path to long-term sustainability and profitability. Our team of specialists and associates are industry experts in leading both the financial and operational restructuring of a business and stand ready to help you weather these challenging times.

We will guide you through this difficult process:

  • Create a vision for the future business that is self-sustaining and cash positive.
  • As appropriate, develop and implement appropriate fixes to the business operations by using progressive Lean Manufacturing and Supply Change Management process improvements.
  • Implement cash generation and cost savings recommendations, then quickly put a plan of action in place to get the company’s operations self-funding.
  • Work with current or new financial partners to restructure the debt.
  • Assist in making the tough but necessary personnel choices to help the business survive.
  • If bankruptcy occurs, we will work with our legal partners to position the business in the best possible situation to survive the restructuring process.
  • Work with suppliers and creditors to negotiate settlements, and minimize the future impact on key supplier relationships.
  • Develop appropriate fixes to management and strategic shortcomings that may have facilitated the financial problems or bankruptcy.
  • Lead the implementation of programs that will create a more effective business operation that will be able to create future value for its shareholders and operate in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Find the help you need in these tough times.

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