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During times of growth, business leaders must deal with the extra cash burden required to pay for additional capacity or inventory. Too often issues like negative cash flow, production capacity constraints, inefficient or costly supply chain systems, or just high operating costs in general, can seem insurmountable during these challenging times. You may have heard about efforts in Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management improvement programs that assisted similarly-plagued businesses, but need a partner with experience in execution. We are the experienced Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management practitioners to contact because we have provided these practical and cost-effective answers to businesses for over 25 years. Consult with a team experienced in leading companies through effective, rapid change. Contact us today

Here are some thought-starters on how OMC can help:

  • Just in Time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing: Since the late 1980’s, our experienced specialists have been pioneers in the implementation of these cash and time conserving principles in hundreds of manufacturing and order fulfillment operations in dozens of different industries.
  • Supply Chain Management: Since the early 1980’s our team has been restructuring materials management and order fulfillment operations and supply chain processes to insure that businesses can profitably support customer needs.
  • We are experts in making ERP systems work as required to support the effective management of all materials and purchasing functions within the overall Supply Chain Management process.
    • To make ERP systems work properly, we help create the proper materials management, master scheduling and production planning processes and disciplines needed to cost-effectively manage the entire supply stream and profitably support the customer.
    • We implement progressive methods in purchasing so they not only support supply chain performance improvements but also position suppliers to partner in cost reduction activities leading to lower prices for materials, components and services.
    • The resulting optimization of the entire Supply Chain Management system can substantially reduce response lead-time; dramatically reducing inventory levels and their associated borrowing, material handling, storage and obsolescence costs.
  • If problems lie with management – say, the organization structure can’t accommodate growth or the leadership itself isn’t the next-generation team you need – consult with our team that is experienced in organization restructuring that supports effective, rapid change.
  • Even delicate yet necessary initiatives like training and enforcing disciplines needs an experienced partner where we can show you how to get the most out of your human capital.

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