Here are a few testimonials from OMC clients.

David Wakefield, Managing Partner, ShoreView Industries, Inc.
“(Lean Enterprise Solutions) has been instrumental in improving the operations of several of our businesses. Their hands-on involvement in our businesses has led to significant business restructuring. The improvements in operating performance will save over $5M annually in operating costs and they are tracking to reduce inventory by a minimum of $7M by the end of the calendar year. We plan to continue to use their services in the future to keep our businesses operating at their highest level of performance.”

Norman Ziegler, President, Crest Truck Equipment, Bowmansville, PA
“Your efforts in the areas of cost containment, product pricing, production team building, and vendor relations have resulted in an increase in our gross margins… In addition, your counsel in our long-range planning sessions helped push us towards the ultimate decision to “spin-off” a division of our company which has resulted in improvements within the operations end of our business.”

Daniel Spitler, President, OakCraft, Peoria, AZ
“We have been very pleased with the effort and results of (his) participation with our management team. (He) is detail oriented and action oriented. He quickly identified the areas that where improvement could gain us the most immediate financial benefit. He communicates effectively up and down the organizational chain of command…(His) work with our company gave us the ability to get above the day to day issues and identify why our processes were not working effectively and what changes were needed. He assisted with the cultural and organizational issues that allowed us to move forward in a positive manner. He not only is capable of identifying the problems and the solutions, but can effectively lead the implementation process.”

Jack Pollock, Vice President, DUECO, Inc., Waukesha, WI
“(Lean Enterprise Solutions) has played a critical role in driving cost improvements for Dueco, Inc. The assignments covered a wide range of business needs including: truck body cost reductions, factory layout and production flow, material cost reductions as well as operational manufacturing responsibilities. (His) industry, manufacturing and process knowledge have allowed him to quickly make significant contributions across the business. These measurable improvements included a 40% improvement in capacity plus $350K cost savings through productivity and design improvements in the body business. He drove an additional $500K in material cost reductions and process improvements in the installation department and designed layouts to increase installation capacity by 33% and paint capacity by 50%. He implemented a production scheduling discipline, improved customer quote routines and implemented a kanban process in the body shop, all which reduced inventories by over $3.0M during the project. He effectively worked with all employees in the business, from the mechanics and welders to the president and owner. His “get it done” approach has been refreshing and effective. It has been a pleasure working with (him).”

Matthew Sznewajs, Principal, ShoreView Industries, Inc.
“We are very pleased with the work that Lean Enterprise Solutions performed for two of our business units. Their innovative ideas for restructuring, plus their ‘get it done’ approach in a tough business environment, provided the basis for significant reductions in operating costs and put us on track to reduce our inventories by over 45% this year. These improvements will provide the basis for significant value creation in the business. We would highly recommend them as a partner in any business turnaround situation.”