Vision is meaningless without execution. Execution is impossible without a vision.

Every business, regardless of size or industry, needs a vision for the future. Without a clear idea of a positive, visionary direction for the company, entities wander aimlessly, wasting time and resources. Instead of focusing on proactive business development efforts, they spend their workdays reacting to outside forces. If you remain in this “fire-drill mode”, your company will never progress forward.

While establishing a vision is critical, keep in mind that it is by no means the sole element for success. Undisciplined, haphazard implementation efforts will often fall short of executing a vision. Management must put methodical, actionable practices in place-then set the example by following these to the letter.

Oftentimes leadership struggles with creating their company’s vision. Their concept either reaches too far or it’s convoluted and difficult for the rank-and-file employee to grasp. Though the temptation exists to think otherwise, success lies in keeping the company vision simple and logical. While calling yourself, say, “the low-cost supplier” or “the customer service leader” may not sound very lofty and sophisticated; chances are they’ll lead to marketplace success-if executed well.

Once finalized, the company’s vision must be communicated clearly to every part of the organization. And again: it’s up to the leadership to ensure that processes are in place to achieve the vision. Only then will the organization be successful.

Going forward, senior management must evaluate all systems and processes related to the business. Any element that doesn’t support attaining the company vision needs to be modified or eliminated.

In the end, the simplest of visions, supported with disciplined execution can lead to positive, dramatic growth.

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