Bankruptcy Restructuring

Whether you’re in bankruptcy or trying to avoid it, you need strong partners. We¬†understand your desire to recreate the business so it will never be in this position again. We specialize in both rescuing businesses from the brink, and leading the restructuring process to ensure future viability. We use a variety of analytical tools to rescue businesses so they operate on a cash positive basis, providing the funds to fund the business operations. Here is a more in-depth look at these tools:

  • Working Capital Improvement – Analysis and implementation of programs to improve gross profit and cash generation. This analysis and follow up positions the business to be self-funding in meeting its cash needs.
  • Funding Source Creation – This program seeks out new sources of funding that include lending institutions or investors. As required, we can also source interim financing during negotiating the sale of the business.
  • Management of Bankruptcy Legal Requirements – Create and manage the financial disciplines to conform to legal requirements, including oversight of the creditor committee. We¬†also assist in managing negotiations and payment arrangements to creditors.
  • Business Operations Restructuring – Analysis and creation of a program to restructure vital management and operational processes. The goal is to create a viable, self-sustaining business model.
  • Financial Reporting Process Creation and Refinement – We help establish proper cost and financial management metrics to support business restructuring and reestablish credibility in terms of reporting processes.

In troubling times, it is comforting to know that experienced help is available to help you hold on to all that you have strived to build. Contact us to speak further.