Human Resource Management

In a business, the people fall into two categories: they’re either part of the solution or they’re part of the problem. For true change – real, business-improving change – to happen in the personnel realm, behaviors and disciplines must be examined thoroughly. And it doesn’t matter what the industry is, whether your business manufactures products or provides services, positive change must happen from the top down. Key leadership must be on board with the program, then the rest of the organization will follow. We identify your Human Resource strengths and weaknesses and helps implement solutions with the following tools:

  • Organizational Structure Analysis and Improvement – Programs that evaluate the organization structure of a business and implements programs to improve performance of the personnel.
  • Management Development and Performance Improvement – Programs designed and implemented to improve the performance of a management team.
  • Employee Salary and Benefits Management – Programs to develop optimum wages and salary programs to support a business, including competitive analysis of the market and factors in the uniqueness of each business operation.
  • Wage Structure and Systems Development – Programs that formalize the pay and promotion programs for a business to ensure consistency of application and insure its effectiveness in influencing participants to deliver the targeted level of performance.
  • Employee Training Needs Assessment and Programs – Programs that assess training needs, plus the costs associated with the current environment, as well as the payback for a formal training program.

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